New Notion Home Feature Released

I set up the “Home” page in Notion and it works well.

The “My tasks” section combines tasks from different databases into one view.

This is helpful since I have 4 project and task databases in Notion.

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BTS: Impressions on LinkedIn video

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Here’s some “behind the scenes” of content creation.

Yesterday, I was surprised that one of my LinkedIn videos suddenly hit over 17,000 impressions.

The reasons behind the unexpected spike are a mystery. LinkedIn analytics provided little insight into why this video took off.

Have others seen similar jumps in impressions or engagement on their content?

What do you think drives such sudden surges in content visibility?

Download YouTube’s Automatic Captions for Your Videos

YouTube automatically creates captions for your videos, which is great for accessibility.

Did you know you can also download these captions?

This can be helpful if you want to repurpose your video content into other formats, like blog posts or social media updates.

YouTube provides three file formats for captions: .srt, .vtt, and .sbv. Let’s explore how to download them.

Downloading YouTube’s Automatic Captions:

1. Access Subtitles: Edit the video you want to download captions in YouTube Studio. Look at the menu on the left side and click “Subtitles”.

2. Download Options: You’ll see the automatically generated captions for your video. Click on the three dots next to the language of the captions you want to download. This will open a menu with different options.

3. Choose Your Format: In the menu, click “Download”. You’ll then see three options: .srt, .vtt, and .sbv. Choose the format, and the captions will download.

That’s all it takes! Now, you have a text version of your video’s audio ready for other purposes.

Authority Hacker Podcast: “The Brian Dean Method”

I just finished the “The Brian Dean Method” podcast episode from Authority Hacker it’s full of great insight into SEO.

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