How to setup Search API with Apache Solr

Update: This tutorial is out-of-date. Please go to Search API’s getting started page for up-to-date documentation.

The Search API is a Drupal 7 search framework module. It allows you to create custom search pages on any URL and integrates with a few search backends.

In this article I’ll show you how to setup Search API with Apache Solr on a mac (10.6).

For more details check out the Search API project page.

If you already have solr setup skip to the Search API section.

Setup Apache Solr

The first thing we’ll have to do is setup Solr locally. Make sure you have Java installed, if your using OSX 10.6 and keep it up to date you should be fine.

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Use TurnKey Linux with VirtualBox 4 on mac

I remember reading on some post online about developers using virtual environments as a development server. On my mac I use MAMP for development. But using a virtual environment allows you to create all sorts of servers (LAMP, Apache Solr, Varnish).

Over the weekend I spent some time looking at setting up my own virtual environment for development and found the TurnKey Linux site.

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to setup the LAMP Stack Appliance with VirtualBox 4.

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