2018-19 FIA Formula E

Formula E is a new racing series using full-electric cars. I enjoy watching the racing because each race is just 45 minutes + 1 lap.

You won’t have to give up a full afternoon to watch it.

Another great thing about the series is that the full races are uploaded onto YouTube which is amazing.

Below are the full race videos and the highlights for each round.

2018 SAUDIA Ad Diriyah E-Prix

R1 – Full race
R1 – Highlights

2019 Marrakesh E-Prix

R2 – Full race
R2 – Highlights

2019 Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix

R3 – Full race
R3 – Highlights

2019 CBMM Niobium Mexico City E-Prix

R4 – Full race
R4 – Highlights

2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix

R5 – Full race
R5 – Highlights

2019 FWD Sanya E-Prix

R6 – Full race
R6 – Highlights

2019 GEOX Rome E-Prix

R7 – Full race
R7 – Highlights

2019 Paris E-Prix

R8 – Full race
R8 – Highlights

2019 Monaco E-Prix

R9 – Full race
R9 – Highlights

2019 BMW i Berlin E-Prix

R10 – Full race
R10 – Highlights

2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix

R11 – Full race
R11 – Highlights

2019 New York City E-Prix

The final round had two races.

R12 – Full race
R12 – Highlights

R13 – Full race
R13 – Highlights

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