Backup to a remote FTP using the Backup and Migrate module

The backup and migrate module is an awesome module that you can use to create a MySQL dump file. You can use it to schedule database backups to the server filesystem, remote FTP server or even an amazon s3 bucket.

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to setup a scheduled backup to a remote FTP server.

Like all Drupal contrib modules, just download the module and copy it into sites/all/modules and enable the module.

Once installed just go to Administration >> Configuration >> Backup and Migrate (admin/config/system/backup_migrate). From the front page you can easily get a database backup by clicking on the Backup now button. But first you’ll have to setup a private file system path if you haven’t already done so.


Create New Destination

First we must create a new destination which would be our remote FTP server. To create one just click on the Destinations tab then click on the Add destination.


Select FTP Directory and fill out the form. Make sure you have the IP, username and password handy. Once the form has been filled out just click onSave destination.


Once saved click on “list files” to test and make sure you can connect to the remote FTP server.


Create A Schedule

Next let’s setup a schedule, to do this just click on the Schedules tab then click on the Create schedule tab.


Just enter in a schedule name and select the destination that you created. Once all completed just click on Save schedule.


For backup and migrate to work you now must run cron and make sure it’s setup. Once cron is run, check and see that a backup has worked just click on the list files for the remote FTP server from the Destinations tab.


If you have any questions or know of other administration type modules leave a comment.