Icebreaker 2.0 at Toastmasters

On Thursday, I did my Icebreaker speech at Toastmasters.

This is the second time I’ve done an Icebreaker, so it’s my Icebreaker 2.0.

The presentation went well, got a few laughs and I was able to do the whole speech without notes.

When I joined my first Toastmasters club I’d always use notes with the lectern. This time I got up and moved the lectern to the side and went for it.

Now it’s time to prepare for my next speech.


Speaking at DrupalSouth Canberra 2018

DrupalSouth this year will be held in Canberra this December.

My presentation, Media Management in Drupal 8, has been accepted which is great news!!!

Best of all, I’ll be presenting at 9 am on Monday (the first day), which is great because I can get the presentation over and done with. Then I can relax and enjoy the conference.

My session is broken out into two parts; slides and demo.

I have 63 slides where I discuss the history of media in Drupal and which modules you should use.

Presentation slides

The rest of the time will be spent demonstrating how to configure modules.

Hope to see you all at DrupalSouth.

Offical Toastmasters Member

I’ve been sworn in as a member at a new Toastmasters club, so now it’s official. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I attend my first Toastmasters meeting in a couple of years.

I’ve found a great club and looking forward to working my way through the new Pathways program.

I completed the competent communicator manual at the first club I joined which was about 12 years ago (damn I feel old ?).

Now I need to work on my icebreaker speech.

Back at Toastmasters

This week I went back to Toastmasters for the first time in a couple of years.

Toastmasters is an organisation that has clubs all around the world which meet weekly or fortnightly. You go there to become a better public speaker in a friendly and supportive environment.

I first went to Toastmasters in 2006 and went consistently for two years. In that time I learnt how to become a better public speaker which has helped my career.

Then I went back for half a year in 2014, and as of this week, I’m back (hopefully on a consistent basis) at a new club.

WordCamp Sydney 2018 Review

Last weekend I went to WordCamp Sydney. It’s my second WordCamp but the first time I’ve volunteered.

Things are a little different when you volunteer than compared to just attending.

All volunteers had to get there nice and early to help set everything up. I spent most of the morning, with others, preparing the registration desk; making sure all name cards were in alphabetical order. So when people came to register, they could find their card.

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Organisation Onboarding

Started a new contract this week and when you start working at a new place, you go through some onboarding. That’s what I want to discuss now.

Onboarding has become easier because most organisations use the same tools which are Slack, Jira/Confluence, Bitbucket/GitHub. Now I’m not saying everyone uses these tools, but they have become the de facto standard in organisations which I’ve worked at.

When I start somewhere new, the first thing I ask for is access to Slack, Jira, and access to the GIT repositories.

Pro Tip: Want to get better at using Jira? Learn the keyboard shortcuts.

Going to WordCamp Sydney 2018

Update: My review of WordCamp Sydney 2018

I’ll be going to WordCamp Sydney this year and best of all I’ve been approved to be a volunteer.

I’ve volunteered at a few DrupalCamps in the past and highly recommend you do it; especially if you’re new to the community. It’s the best way to meet new people.

And, this is the important part, it’ll force you to interact with others.

If you go to a new place with new faces it’s very easy to hide in the corner drinking coffee and not network with anyone. For me personally, volunteering puts me in a different state of mind and I have no problems talking to other attendees.

Long story short, put your hand up to volunteer.

A lot of these camps/conference need people just during the event to help with registration, monitor rooms or being an extra pair of hands.