Create a slideshow using the Field Slideshow module

The Field Slideshow makes it easy to create a slideshow from just an image field.

With Fields in core for Drupal 7 we also got a more powerful display formatters for fields. Fields now ship with their own formatter settings forms and make it really easy to change the display of a field, and Field Slideshow really make use of this.

For more details check out the Field Slideshow project page.

Getting started

The first thing you have to do is download Field Slideshow and place it into sites/all/module. Then go to Administration >> Modules and enable the module.


Drush command:
drush dl field_slideshow

For this post I’ll use the article content type which uses the field_image field. This is the one of the content types that you get when you install Drupal 7 using the standard install profile.

Make sure the Number of values on the image field that you want to use is greater than 1. You need to be able to upload more then 1 image. You can change the Number of values from the Mange fields section.



Configure slideshow

To configure the slideshow to go the manage display section under the content type. Select Slideshow from the format select box.


Next click on the cog button to view the formatter settings.


Now go and check out the slideshow when viewing a node.


Drupal offers many ways of creating a slideshow, but if all you need is a simple slideshow look at the Field Slideshow module.

If you have any problems or questions please leave a comment.