Redirect taxonomy term links to a views page

On some Drupal sites having the taxonomy links point to the “taxonomy/term/tid” can really break the design of a site. Sometimes you want to redirect the user to a custom views page instead of the standard taxonomy page.

Using the Taxonomy Redirect module it’s relatively easy to change the taxonomy URL.

To install Taxonomy Redirect go to and download the module. Unzip the module into “sites/all/modules”. Once installed go to Administer >> Site Building >> Taxonomy Redirect to create your redirects.

fig 1

For this example I have created a views page which passes the taxonomy ID via the URL (stories/!tid).

So if I go to URL it will show all nodes which have been taged with taxonomy ID 1.

fig 2

To create the redirect just go to Administer >> Site Building >> Taxonomy Redirect.

Under the Add new redirect, select the vocabulary you want to redirect.

fig 3

Then in the Path text field enter in “stories/!tid”. The system will replace “!tid” with the taxonomy term ID.

fig 4

Scroll down to the bottom and click on Submit. If you need to edit any redirects just click on the load into editor link.

fig 5

Now if you go and click on any taxonomy terms they all should redirect to “stories/!tid” instead of “taxonomy/term/!tid”.

If you have any feedback or need help please leave a comment.