Setup home box module

Homebox is a module which gives you the ability to create dashboard style pages (netvibes, igoogle) using blocks. The user can move and disable the available blocks.


This module requires 2 other modules jQuery Update and jQuery UI. Download and copy homebox, jQuery Update and jQuery UI to sites/all/modules.

Enabling the modules are fairly straight forward except for jQuery UI. First download the jQuery UI 1.6 files from and extract the directory jquery.ui into the jQueryUI module. If should look like “/sites/all/modules/jquery_ui/jquery.ui/”.


Then enable the modules at Administer >> Site building >> Modules.

Create home box page

To create a page to go Administer >> Site building >> Home box. Enterdashboard and click on Add page.


Once you have created a page click on the layout link and specify which block should appear on the dashboard. Important thing to remember is that you will get a page not found (404) if you don’t add blocks.


Next let’s set the right permissions. This module creates a permission for every created page. Go to Administer >> User management >> Permissions and scroll down to homebox module. Tick authenticated user for access homebox dashboard.


Now go to your newly created page and you should see some blocks.


If you click on Add content you can specify which block should appear. This configuration is saved if the user logs off and logs back on.


That’s all, this is a great module. If you have any questions leave a comment.