How to use GeoIP & Context GeoIP module

Using the GeoIP module with Context GeoIP module, it makes it really easy to create a context which has a specific condition to only display a block if your IP location is from a particular country.

Furthermore GeoIP has a powerful API to pull out location information.

In this article I’ll show you how to setup GeoIP and Context GeoIP module.

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Create administration pages with Views 2

When you get an editor asking how they can manage content on a Drupal site, sometimes you just can’t send them to admin/content/node page to manage the site. Maybe you only want certain editors to manage only certain content types. With the Views 2 module it’s easy to create custom administration pages.

When I say administration pages all that’s really required is a table based views page with exposed filters.

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Redirect taxonomy term links to a views page

On some Drupal sites having the taxonomy links point to the “taxonomy/term/tid” can really break the design of a site. Sometimes you want to redirect the user to a custom views page instead of the standard taxonomy page.

Using the Taxonomy Redirect module it’s relatively easy to change the taxonomy URL.

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