Using the activity module

The activity module is great for showing off site activities like newly created nodes and comments. But it can also be integrated with other modules like user relationships, flag or votingapi. To find out others check the contrib folder within the activity module.

Install the module

Download and copy the folder into your modules directory which should be in sites/all/modules.

Go to Administer >> Site building >> Module and enable Activity, Node activityand Comment activity. Also make sure you have token enabled.


Configure the module

Go to Administer >> Site configuration >> Activity Settings. Scroll to the bottom and you should see an Activity contrib modules fieldset.


An important thing to remember is that any activity contrib module that’s enabled will appear here.

Click on the Comment activity settings page and only have insert ticked under the Operation types.


With the comment activity contrib module you are able to customise the activity message based on the roles.


Because we are using token you can add extra token replacements.


If you have used the pathauto module it should be straight forward.

The last thing we have to do is set the right permissions. Go to Administer >> User management >> Permissions.

Tick view public activity for anonymous user and authenticated user.


Go and add some comments one thing to remember is don’t use user 1 as nothing is logged when do things with the administration account.

To check out the activities go to /activity page.


Also the module gives you a couple of activity blocks which you can add to your site.


That’s all, have fun and if you have any questions please leave a comment.