Using FAQ module

There are two options when you want to create a FAQ page for your site. One is to hand code an HTML page which can be a pain or you could use the FAQ module and save yourself the nightmare of manually adding in HTML. The module creates a FAQ content type and a nice FAQ layout page.

Install the module

Go to and download the module and place it in sites/all/modules.

Then enable the module at Administer >> Site building >> Modules.

How to use FAQ module

We want the questions to be categorised so let’s create a vocabulary for the FAQ. Go to Administer >> Content management >> Taxonomy and click on add vocabulary. Enter in the vocabulary name and select FAQ from the content types.


Now you’ll be able to add some questions and answers. To do this go to Administer >> Content management >> Create content and add some questions.


Enter in some data then go to /faq and you’ll see your new FAQ page.


One thing you’ll notice is that in the answers section the question is a link which goes to the node page.

This is standard Drupal stuff, but if you don’t want the question to be a link this can be changed.

Go to Administer >> Site configuration >> Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the Questions tab and scroll to the bottom and tick the “Disable question links to nodes” checkbox and hit save configuration.


While we are still on the FAQ settings page scroll to the top and click on the Categories tab and tick the “Categorize questions” checkbox.


Now if you go to your FAQ page (/faq) the questions should be categorised.


Last but not least, you’ll have to give permission for anonymous, authenticated users to access the FAQ page. To do this go to Administer >> User management >> Permissions and scroll to FAQ module and tick view faq page for anonymous and authenticated users.

That’s all whats required in creating a FAQ page the Drupal way.