Using Views Slideshow module

Views slideshow module is a great module which allows you to create slideshows from a views results. It makes it very easy to create a block that rotates the latest blog posts for example.

Getting started

To install the module just download it and copy it into your modules folder. Once copied go to admin/build/modules and enable Views Slideshow, Views Slideshow: SingleFrame and Views Slideshow: ThumbnailHover.


In this quick how to I’ll only show you how to setup a slideshow using the SingleFrame mode.

To get started create a simple block view which displays the story title and body (set a max character limit to only display a teaser) field.


To give it some slideshow magic change the style to Slideshow and click on Update.



After clicking Update you’ll get the style options. Here you have the ability to configure the slideshow to a certain point.

First leave the Slideshow mode on SingleFrame.


By updating the form with the standard configuration you do get a simple slideshow but there are a few things you can customise like the controls, pager and effect type.

Just give it a go and see what type of slideshow you can come up with.

As always with Drupal there are 10 ways of creating a slideshow, just search forslideshow using Drupal’s search to find other projects.