Add Files to Git Which are Ignored via .gitignore

In a recent project, I needed to add a file which was in a folder that was ignored using the .gitignore file.

Now I could edit the .gitignore file, commit the file, then edit the .gitignore again. But this seemed like a cumbersome way to do it.

Luckily I found that the git-add command has a --force option.

-f --force
Allow adding otherwise ignored files.

For example:

git add --force ignored-file.php


WordCamp Sydney 2018 Review

Last weekend I went to WordCamp Sydney. It’s my second WordCamp but the first time I’ve volunteered.

Things are a little different when you volunteer than compared to just attending.

All volunteers had to get there nice and early to help set everything up. I spent most of the morning, with others, preparing the registration desk; making sure all name cards were in alphabetical order. So when people came to register, they could find their card.

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Organisation Onboarding

Started a new contract this week and when you start working at a new place, you go through some onboarding. That’s what I want to discuss now.

Onboarding has become easier because most organisations use the same tools which are Slack, Jira/Confluence, Bitbucket/GitHub. Now I’m not saying everyone uses these tools, but they have become the de facto standard in organisations which I’ve worked at.

When I start somewhere new, the first thing I ask for is access to Slack, Jira, and access to the GIT repositories.

Pro Tip: Want to get better at using Jira? Learn the keyboard shortcuts.

Going to WordCamp Sydney 2018

Update: My review of WordCamp Sydney 2018

I’ll be going to WordCamp Sydney this year and best of all I’ve been approved to be a volunteer.

I’ve volunteered at a few DrupalCamps in the past and highly recommend you do it; especially if you’re new to the community. It’s the best way to meet new people.

And, this is the important part, it’ll force you to interact with others.

If you go to a new place with new faces it’s very easy to hide in the corner drinking coffee and not network with anyone. For me personally, volunteering puts me in a different state of mind and I have no problems talking to other attendees.

Long story short, put your hand up to volunteer.

A lot of these camps/conference need people just during the event to help with registration, monitor rooms or being an extra pair of hands.

Drush and Drupal Console Live Stream

I also did another live stream on Drush and Drupal Console and had loads of fun.

But I’ve decided to change my live stream/webinar strategy, again. 🙂

I’m focusing on webinars (which users register for) and then live stream the webinar to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter.

The biggest difference for me regarding live streams or webinars is that I can collect email addresses if viewers register for a webinar. Getting emails from viewers on a live stream is much harder.

Course Development Momentum

I spent the whole week recording the new Webform course for WebWash. I was hoping to record during the day but couldn’t because there was too much background noise.

Protip: when buying mics make sure you understand the difference between condenser and dynamic mics.

So I recorded during the night and edited and prepared videos during the day.

Preparation plays an important part when you record screencasts. By the end of the week, I had significant momentum. Prepare by day; record by night.

Creating a New Course on Webform in Drupal 8

I spent half the week finishing a contract and the last two days outlining a new course on Webform for WebWash.

In the past, I’ve been terrible at sticking to deadlines while producing courses. So I gave myself two days to outline the course and made sure I was prepared to start recording it ASAP.

Producing Course

My goal was to start recording the following week instead I decided to start recording the videos on Friday. One thing I’ve learned is that if you give yourself 2 or 5 days to complete a task then it’ll take that long. So give yourself a tight deadline that you’re not comfortable with and sprint to get it finished.