Notion Free for Personal Use (Unlimited blocks)

Notion is a great note-taking tool.

Just recently, they changed their free plan

They had a free plan from the beginning but limited how much pages/blocks you can save. Now you can save unlimited pages and blocks.

My issue with a “free” plan is that the terms of what they offer for free can change overnight.

If you rely on a product, pay for it!

As of this writing, I’ll continue paying for Notion. I use it every single day to manage tasks and outline and write tutorials.

Getting Started with Paragraphs and Bootstrap in Drupal

Last week I published a tutorial over at WebWash on using Paragraphs with Bootstrap.

In the tutorial, we implement to Bootstrap Card component and we use Radix which is a Bootstrap 4 theme.

Click on the link below to read tutorial or watch the video

Link: Getting Started with Paragraphs and Bootstrap in Drupal

Want to Learn Gatsby? Just Read the Docs!

On the weekend I spent time learning about Gatsby. For people who don’t know, Gatsby is a React based site generator.

Usually, when I try and learn new tech, I often avoid the official documentation and look for videos on YouTube or a free course. This is a bad habit of mine because most projects have proper documentation these days.

However, the Gatsby documentation is outstanding, especially the tutorials. So if you want to learn how to use it, then I’d start with the “Gatsby.js Tutorials” section and work your way through it.